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The Institute of Economists of Nigeria was registered and fully incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2008 with the registration number Rc:792172.
It was approved and accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education with the Certification of the Attorney General of the Federation to award Proficiency and Professional Certificates to members of the Institute. It was established under Federal Government guarantee to partner with public and private sectors at both national and International levels as a professional institute of Economists. The Governing Board of trustee of the Institute cuts across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria from different endeavours of life, some of which are professors of Emeritus, federal senators, Professional Chartered Bankers and other seasoned professionals.

Retrospectively, the systematic and continuous relegation of economic disciplines became prominent in the mid 1960's when the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria was granted Royal Charter. The prestigious Royal Charter which had significantly bolstered the economic and professional values of all qualified accountants substantially accounted for the general recognition and top class acceptability enjoyed by the profession up till this very moment. Regular and constructive developmental programmes of Chartered Accountants and other professional bodies have made the various disciplines a cherished hot-cake in the professional circle.

Sympathetically, economics, the most versatile, dynamic and highly respected discipline which hitherto had an inbuilt honour and dignity suddenly turned out to be at the mercy of other professional disciplines for acceptance and recognition.
Convincingly, this powerful pull-factors coupled with lack of professional identification on the part of the economists had led to a high level of misplacement of professional priorities on the part of post-graduates and under-graduates of economics, majority of whom have unenthusiastically taken to other discipline such as Accounting, Public relation, Management Consultants, Administration, Auditing, Banking, Marketing etc.
Consequently, the Institute Of Economists of Nigeria was established by some selective internationally recognized and generally respected economists of substance out of the burning desire to pursue the institute



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